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Banyan Tree Our Brand Story

The Banyan Tree Story

Who We Are

How do you capture the singularity of the Banyan Tree experience? It’s the quiet pause in the heady rush of a metropolis; the feeling of coming home on the remote sands of an isle in a crystalline sea; the gentle ripple breaking the surface of a pool in the shade of a magnificent tree. It’s a deep exhale that melts the world away and brings the present into focus. Wherever we go, wherever we are — these moments make us.

Our Origins

For thousands of years, the banyan tree has been the sacred centre of many Asian villages, a shelter for weary travellers seeking refuge and sanctuary in the company of fellow wanderers. This is the inspiration that birthed our brand in 1994 — a pioneer in naturally luxurious and ecologically sensitive hospitality.

Banyan Tree Our Brand Story
Banyan Tree Our Brand Story - Our Founders

Our founders lived in a fishing village called Banyan Tree Bay in the early years of their journey. In the essence of that experience emerged a conviction in the transformative power of travel: for ourselves, others and the world around us.

Every Sanctuary for the Senses that we create is infused with a distinctly restorative energy for mind, body and spirit. Located in awe-inspiring places around the world, each carries its own intimate sense of place, inviting you to immerse yourself in the exceptional experiences that make life beautiful.

Banyan Tree Our Brand Story - Sanctuary For The Senses

Our brand culture is rooted in the philosophy that everything is connected, whether it is through design and architecture that respects the local environment, the sourcing of our food, our associates’ empathetic service, or the experiences we curate. Committed to our founding ethos of embracing the environment and empowering people, we care not only for our associates and guests who pass through our doors, but for all the communities in which we operate.

Banyan Tree Our Brand Story - Our Brand Culture

This philosophy shapes all our signature offerings: from the time-honoured treatments of our Master Therapists in our award-winning Spas to wellbeing practices grounded in practical wisdom, to our Essentials line of sustainable spa and aromatherapy products crafted with partners who share our values. In our Wellbeing Sanctuaries, our holistic approach beckons you on a journey into deeper and more meaningful self-care, a journey that continues long after your stay. We have always been, and will always be, advocates for sustainability, connection and wellbeing as the path to living well.

Banyan Tree Our Brand Story - Signature Offerings

About Banyan Tree Group

Banyan Tree Group (“Banyan Tree Holdings Limited” or the “Group”) is one of the world’s leading independent, multi-branded hospitality groups centred on the purpose-driven mission of stewardship and wellbeing while offering exceptional, design-led experiences.

The Group’s diversified portfolio of hotels, resorts, spas, galleries, golf and residences features an ecosystem of 10 global brands, including the award-winning Banyan TreeAngsanaCassiaDhawa and Laguna, and the highly anticipated new brands of HommGarrya, Folio, and two new Banyan Tree brand extensions - Escape and Veya.

Established in 2008, with the goal of advancing people development and management excellence, Banyan Tree Management Academy has nurtured over 8,000 associates across 23 countries. The Group is recognised for its commitment to environmental protection and community development through its Banyan Tree Global Foundation. Operating over 60 hotels in 17 countries, it has over 50 new properties in the pipeline.


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